This Spoken Word piece is focused on the theme of Collective Trauma, I have selected and re-formed phrases from news events that reflect the brutality that groups of people have inflicted upon others in varying degrees of scale around the world.  I have referenced notorious events that we are all familiar with historically, such as the Holocaust and Cambodia, as well as more current atrocities of a relatively smaller scale such as the actions of the drug cartels that inflict ongoing trauma on Mexican communities.   This piece is structured in the manner of a lament in order to reflect the mourning and sorrow we experience at the pain, suffering and terror caused by these acts.  The phrases allude to the collective nature of the trauma inflicted not only upon those who have died or have been forced to await an almost certain death, but also upon the survivors who relive the events, vicariously and relentlessly, in their imaginations. 

This Spoken Word piece is composed of titles of paintings from the Romantic Era and takes the listener through the course of a full day.